Residence on Harness Creek: Queenstown, MD

The new residence on Harness Creek offers a unique opportunity to reimagine waterfront living. Careful consideration has been given to maximize prominent views to the water in an open plan concept with large expanses of glass framing views to the east, south, and west. The first floor is considered a multi-­use space for gathering including flexible arrangements for living, working, and acts of leisure. The sleeping areas on the second floor offer secluded retreats for more private use and day to day habitation while still affording views to the water and opportunities to be connected to the outside through a wrap around balcony. The third floor terrace level is the culmination of vertical movement in the residence accommodating a large loft area that is open to all three levels below. This floor also features a destination roof terrace that is situated on the waterfront side of the property. The unique form was originally derived from the skewed boundary lines defining the buildable area of the property. Rather than give up valuable livable area that would have resulted from regularizing the plan into a traditional rectilinear shape, the boundary lines were embraced and celebrated ultimately leading to the aggressive building form as well as a generator for surface aesthetics.

Residence on Harness Creek